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Kapow Primary summary review

Date: 18.06.2022

Overall star rating for Kapow Primary : 4.1/5

Overview comments:
 • I like this program as it helps with planning and covers all the curriculum objectives needed
 • We used Kapow whilst we were developing our curriculum so it was useful for us to have it in place 
 • Teacher friendly, easily accessible, no unnecessary jargon or theory that no-one has time to read! 
 • A great reasonably priced service that aims to teach children and take stress away from teachers 
 • Great resource


How well does it match the curriculum?
 •  4* Good teacher videos where necessary and key objectives covered in all lessons.  Each lesson has a powerpoint to explain the ideas as well as worksheets and videos for the children.
 •  3* Lessons are all well resourced and the lesson plans are easy to follow. It gives steps for how to differentiate if needed
 •  5* Fits cross curricular sometimes, which reinforces other learning. Short sessions that can be broken up and revisited across the week. 
 •  3* Good coverage and most key points covered
 •  4* Covers all of the national curriculum objectives, good progression and able to adapt for different abilities 


How does it support adaptation for different learners?
 •  3* Needs more differentiated worksheets or ideas for lower or higher ability that could be used as an extension or for those who can't access the lessons. In computing this seems to be just for the whole class.
 •  3* I think that the lessons could be a little more challenging and some of the subject matter is a little ‘wishy washy’ 
 •  5* An online dictionary French/English that the children can access, especially those wanting to explore foster and go away from the the scripted sentence
 •  4* Good differentiation across the board
 •  4* Not sure to be honest, I feel it does support differentiation well and our children all enjoy the topics


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?
 •  3* Currently our computing is very much paper based and not much activity which might not keep them interested.  Also the video we watched had no sound so didn't explain the parts of the computer that was being talked about.
 •  3* The videos which support and the resources are well presented and nice for the children to use and look at
 •  5* They like the content - it is relevant to their lives. Improvements: videos for accent (MFL). Better, maybe cartoons, of conversations
 •  4* Pupils are always fully engaged 
 •  4* Good resources that are fun to look at and engage the pupils so not sure how they could be improved. I think it's a good resource as it stands


How well does it support planning?
 •  4* Strengths are the lesson plans, powerpoints and videos, weakness are some of the videos shown or variety per lesson
 •  3* All planned out and ready for teachers so it helps with work life balance. Not all the lessons are very good and sometimes they do not move at a fast enough pace
 •  5* As a teacher I watch the video aimed at teachers prior to each lesson. This is easy to digest and helps with the trickier aspects of the lesson. I’m learning lots! 
 •  5* Planning is supported well and makes life a lot easier
 •  5* Has everything you need, clearly sets out stages, clear objectives, good explanations, apart from gathering resources, there's nothing left to do


What improvements could make this better value for money?
 • 4* Better videos and more help with assessment to check on learning.  Lessons that have a variety of music rather than just one repeated
 • 3* Seems to be value for money in my opinion however I would not invest again as I think the lessons are not rigorous enough
 • 5* Ways for children to access things at home. Homework is hard for parents to support with, which they need to if practising a conversation
 • 5* Really good service and support where we need it 
 • 4* Can't think of any apart from the obvious one of being cheaper but that's just because of school budgets becoming smaller 



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