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England's most efficient schools

Date: 05.12.2018

The DfE's efficiency metric uses a measure that compares standardised progress divided by standardised per pupil income. A tool allows schools to compare themselves with their most similar 50 schools. 

We looked at the kinds of schools that are most efficient, according to this metric.


This is the top 20 - they are all academies, but see if you can spot any other similarities:

Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet Selective Boys
Dr Challoner's Grammar School Selective Boys
The Tiffin Girls' School Selective Girls
Wilson's School Selective Boys
High School for Girls Selective Girls
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School Selective Mixed
Wallington High School for Girls Selective Girls
Nonsuch High School for Girls Selective Girls
Wallington County Grammar School Selective Boys
Aylesbury High School Selective Girls
Stroud High School Selective Girls
Dr Challoner's High School Selective Girls
The Henrietta Barnett School Selective Girls
Loreto Grammar School Selective Girls
Chichester High School Non-selective Mixed
St John the Baptist Catholic Comprehensive School, Woking Non-selective Mixed

 A couple of points to note:

This is based on Progress 8, which several reports (eg Schools Week, ASCL and Education Datalab) have noted, favours grammar schools. 

Many grammar schools have additional sources of funding which aren't represented in these figures, eg Pate's Grammar school, which has income of c.£4m shown in DfE's tool figures, but whose charitable trust generates a further £2.6m each year, as well as over £300,000 in voluntary income. Meanwhile, this school has just 2 SEN pupils (according to the tool data) and just 1.7% Ever6. It's still, though only in the fourth efficiency decile - all but one of its 49 comparable schools are also grammars.

Also, grammars are to get an additional £200 million to expand and increase access to students from less well-off backgrounds.

What about the bottom 20 secondaries? We don't want to name and shame them, but they are mostly academies (14), all non-selective, all but one mixed gender.



The top five most efficient primaries are in fact all-through schools - no great surprise.

The top 16 are academies; 14 of the bottom 20 are LA maintained.

The top 20 are typically twice the average size (528 vs national average 277). The bottom 20 are about half the average size (121)


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