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Faith Schools FAQs

Date: 27.06.2018
The Library regularly receives enquiries from Members relating to faith schools, and the particular arrangements in place relating to them. This note provides answers to some of the most common questions raised, and also some relevant statistical information. It is not intended to be a definitive guide to faith schools, but rather to provide answers to those frequently raised issues. It deals with faith schools in the state-funded sector.

The FAQs addressed are

What is a faith school?

Can faith schools use faith-based criteria in their admissions policies?

What can faith schools teach in Religious Education?

Can faith schools use faith as a criteria when hiring staff?

Do any particular criteria apply in the inspection of faith schools?

Can schools become faith schools when converting to academy status?

Can faith schools teach creationism?

Do children attending faith schools have particular rights to school transport?

What do faith schools have to teach about same sex marriage?

Statistics are provided on

Number of faith schools

Types of faith school

Secondary school performance

This note relates to England only.

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