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Schoolzone advertorial services are uniquely designed to give you maximum exposure to UK teachers free or at minimum cost by subscription*.

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What does the subscription cost?

Rates vary based on the size of your organisation:

Turnover Annual advertorial subscription
Under £500,000 / schools / associations / registered charities £95
£500,000 - £1,500,000 £150
Over £1,500,000 £195
Additional log-ins each: £50

Prices exclude VAT

Is it value for money?

Take a look at the figures on the right! You won't find a cheaper way to reach a reliable, relevant audience. Put your dynamic content in front of our users - as much and as often as you like.

Does anyone read it?

  • Events receive about 25,000 readers per month
  • Updates items receive around 19,500 per month

You can see the number of people that have read each item via your personal Schoolzone login page. Items are displayed in relevant and related pages throughout the Schoolzone site and are syndicated via RSS to partner sites.

How easy is to add content?

We think, very easy. The service has been designed to be straightforward, so you can add any details through the secure online account whenever you like. To make things even easier, if you have a large number of events you would like to add and schedule in advance, just send us a spreadsheet of the event details and we will import them in to your account for you. RSS feeds are even easier: we can just run the RSS through our system so that our data is updated whenever yours is.

Can we start now?

Yes - just sign in if you're a client, or create a free account if not, then choose the service you require and pay by card or request an invoice - either way you can start adding your information immediately.

What else do you get?

If you have any (free) Webguide entries then, whenever the webguide entry appears, your other advertorial appears alongside - again, subject and age relevant.

More questions? Call Alex Turton on 01242 262906


Free advertorial services

Special offers

Who doesn't like to hear about special offers? Add yours and they'll appear anywhere relevant across the website.

Start adding special offers now: log in and click on the Advertorial tab.


List your website

List relevant resource pages of your website. These are listed in most visited area of the Schoolzone site. More importantly, they pull together all your advertorial entries. So, the process goes something like this:

  1. Enter the details of a page/s from your website, which teachers will be most interested in (e.g. free resources)
  2. Enter as many advertorial items as you like (e.g. events, press releases etc.)
  3. Schoolzone users searches our site and finds your entry
  4. Alongside your entry, the user sees your other, most relevant advertorial items
  5. Plus, you can boost you position to the top of any search listings for a small fee.

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Subscription advertorial services

The following services are all included in the subscription package - costs above

Events and learning centres

List anything that might be of educational interest to Schoolzone readers, who can search for events or which might catch their eye as they look around the Schoolzone site. Events might include training, workshops, festivals, exhibitions or anything date related. Alternatively you might run a more permanent learning experience: a museum or outdoor learning centre for example: add details of these too.

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Press releases

Now you can guarantee readers for your press releases: add your items of news to our Updates service: Schoolzone readers can access these via any subject relevant pages or via the news ticker at the top of all the pages, or they can search for relevant items directly.

Start adding press releases now (log in and click on Advertorial tab)


New resources

Schoolzone readers are always looking for something new to stimulate their interest - you can feed their appetite by keeping them informed whenever you have a new resource on the market. Details will appear on any relevant pages of the site and teachers can search for them via a dedicated page.

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* Subject to terms and conditions

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Advertorial guide

See how your advertorial content is read by Schoolzone users.

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For a full breakdown of all our advertising offerings: email, website and advertorial, please download our media pack.

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We've worked with Schoolzone across a number of campaigns this year.

It gives us the chance to reach a wider audience than we would do otherwise, and we benefit from Schoolzone’s good practice in communicating with teachers and educational professionals.

Head of Marketing (Primary), Harcourt.

Contact us:
Philip Collie
telephone: 01242 262906
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Schoolzone advertorial readership...

Schoolzone home page views: 22,000
unique visitors per month

Schoolzone run of site:
37,000 unique visitors per month

170,000 items read evey month


respresents incredible value for money


Example of how much the service costs per reader:

Annual fee for medium size company: £150

Events entered: 500

Press releases entered: 50

New resources entered: 10

If each recieves the typical 100 readers during the year, that's 0.25p per reader

How much do you pay on Google CPC?



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